10/6/2023: Yes, after almost two years of being HEAVY METAL EMAIL, we are now SOCIAL MEDIA ESCAPE CLUB.

I’ve written about having a SOCIAL MEDIA ESCAPE PLAN over the last few years, and I feel like it’s time to turn this into an actual club, an online space, an internet support group for creative folks who want to escape social media.

I also don’t want to think this is just for metal heads, too. It’s for any creative person who has said the following out loud, with friends, or to themselves:

“I wish I didn’t have to be on social media to promote my work.”

It’s time to escape the algorithmic depths and launch into a dimension of cosmic possibility.

Join 550+ other club members and learn how to:

✅ Start and manage Substack newsletter

✅ Usher your biggest fans from social media to your Substack

✅ Send newsletters that delight your readers

✅ Get fans to buy your products and support your projects

✅ Do all this is a sustainable way so you don’t burn out

You can use the Substack platform to connect with your fans with all the photos, videos, music, and stories that you keep giving away for free to Zuck & Musk!

Embark on your own Substack journey today with us - subscribe today!


I’m Seth Werkheiser, and I do D2C email operations for Grammy Award winning MNRK Heavy: High On Fire, Underoath, Creeping Death, Rolo Tomassi, The Callous Daoboys, Crowbar… good times!

Previously: D2C email operations for Death Row Records in 2021 (before it sold to Snoop Dog), individual band campaigns for Holdtight PR in mid 2022.

I’m a writer at heart.

I launched the Noisecreep metal blog for AOL Music back in 2008, and that shirt I’m wearing is from the music blog I started back in 2001, so yeah, 20+ years of running music sites, working with music publicists and labels, posting metal trivia on Twitter, going to shows, and tons more.

Get in touch! seth@closemondays.com


Helping artists reach their audience without social media (formerly Heavy Metal Email)


Seth Werkheiser

I just wanna help creative people pay the rent with their magic. I do D2C email marketing operations for Grammy Award winning MNRK Heavy (and formerly Death Row Records, Holdtight PR). Ex music blogger.