Let’s discuss how to escape the social media rat race, reach your fans, and grow your project in a sustainable way.

Good news: you already did the hard part. You’ve worked for years, honed your craft, and now you’re an artist, a photographer, a writer, a musician, a poet.

Better news: you can learn how to send a newsletter, update a website, and share your work in a way that feels positive and calm.

I aim to support your growth without you feeling tethered to social media, and get you to a few “a-ha” moments along the way.

Here’s how I can help…

First, I’ve got posts dating back to 2021 on here, so start there. Dig through my archives (note that I started this newsletter as Heavy Metal Email, aimed mostly at metal bands, but as you can see I changed direction in October, 2023). Cost: FREE

Second, you can email me ( or DM me here on Substack. I don’t mind the occasional brain-picking or question about something you’re stuck on. I do my best to reply within a day or so. Cost: FREE

Third, become a paying subscriber. When you do this, you get early invite links to my virtual hangout sessions, and when you email me a question, I reply directly to you in video format, which is helpful in conveying the points I’m trying to get across (watch a few examples here). Cost: $8/mo or $80/year

I love making videos!

Fourthly, I offer one-to-one and two-for-one Guidance Sessions (bring a friend and save some money). Sliding scale pricing and generous payment plans are available as needed. Please DM me or email me ( for more information!

This is all GUIDANCE.

I’ve been working in and around online marketing and editorial in the music/entertainment space for the last 20+ years, and I can offer guidance from those years of lived experiences, and reflect from the all the conversations I’ve had with artists, musicians, photographers, and other creative people throughout my life.

If you’re looking for viral growth, explosive sales, 10x traffic, this ain’t for you.

Some recent testimonials:

✅ “You were a cheerleader for me long before we worked together. Your personalized responses to my emails were just a preview of how you personalize and cheerlead as my coach,” from a recent client.

✅ “If any other artist managers (or label representatives) are thinking about Email Marketing, Seth is the person you need to contact. He has been an absolutely inspiration on this campaign, and the results have been proven (again & again). How else would you bring an international artist back to their audience after a 10-year hiatus?” Matthew Hayman