There's such a world of difference between being treated like a 'customer' versus being treated like a 'person' -- and it comes across in email marketing! You can still sell/convert certain things but you have to earn that trust by seeing your email lists as people, not potential revenue. Hence, sending a "DM" instead of sending marketing upsells. Thanks for sharing!

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I have dwindled my social media presence down to just X which I’ve fully automated and never open. I’ve kept it because I payed for a year of premium and I figure I might as well plug my Substack until that runs out. At which time I will delete it to.

I think it’s for more beneficial to focus all my energy on Substack.

I’m new here, so I’m curious what you’re feeling are about Substack Notes. It’s slower and more humane than twitter in my experience. It reminds me more of announcements from the Myspace days. But I’m also worried it will degrade into any other social media in time. I’ve only dabbled with it.

I just don’t allow time for feeds into my day.

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