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Let's ignore new social media platforms

Devote time and energy engaging the people right in front of you

During a recent Social Media Escape Club video chat, Dan asked, “Is it okay to start posting on a new social media network?”.

At that moment, I said, “Sure - so long as you don’t four hours a day there, and you’re driving folks back to your website and email list.”

But then, while reading Rick Rubin’s ‘The Creative Act' I came across this:

"For any rules you accept… it would be worthwhile to try the opposite.”

Yes, an accepted “rule” would be to set up an account when there are a million people on a new social media platform.

So I’m suggesting now that it’s worthwhile to try the opposite.

Instead of trying to corral new fans in a new space, consider the people who are already following you or subscribed to your email list.

As an example, I’m always tempted to start a YouTube channel.

I started the process, but it’s a train wreck. I even uploaded my state ID to verify my identity just so I could include links in the description, but I’ve been denied.

Instead of fussing with that, I made a video for you 600+ wonderful people who subscribe to the Social Media Escape Club.

Instead of spending time making vertical clips for IG, Reels, and YouTube Shorts, I host a weekly video chat with people who read this newsletter.

Maybe you could connect with your fans via Discord or Zoom chats.

Using Substack, you could start a small podcast or just upload some tiny audio updates.

Patti Smith greets her fans on Thanksgiving and reads poems in a video, uploaded directly for her subscribers.

Artist Austin Kleon had a group discussion about travel with his paid subscribers, and it got over 160 replies.

Brandon Boyd of Incubus shared a video of him recording vocals for their upcoming release of ‘Morning View XXIII.’

“Here is a little glance into that process. I’ve shared almost none of my tracking hours historically as it has always felt a bit too personal to broadcast. So you’ll have to excuse the fact that this is unmixed and merely a squashed mp3 of what I recorded this day.”

There are people right there in front of us who clicked follow, who signed up, who raised their hand and said, “I’m into what you’re doing.”

Instead of constantly chasing more, consider spending more effort and time with those who’ve already bought in.

I’m Seth Werkheiser, and Social Media Escape Club exists as a place to explore the world without making social media the centerpiece of everything.

If this work resonates with you, you can become a paid subscriber (price going up in 2024) and get access to my entire archive of posts (going back to 2021).

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Seth Werkheiser