ALSO: Have you updated your website this year?

They say everything old is new again for a reason.

From ‘Inside the Baffling Revival of the Cassette Tape’ over at Rolling Stone:

According to Luminate CEO Rob Jonas, “Millennials in the U.S. are 42% more likely to buy cassette tapes than listeners from other generations” as a way to support their faves.

Vinyl sales are up, people are buying cassettes (I always loved cassingles), and I’m sure CDs will start to creep back in, too.

Heck, teens are using digital cameras again.

Back to emails, though; this according to Sale Cycle:

59% of respondents said that marketing emails influence their purchase decisions, while just over 50% buy from marketing emails at least once a month.

Read that again: almost 60% said marketing emails influence their purchase decisions.

So if you’re posting on social media multiple times per week for just 5-10% of your fans to see, you should probably “repurpose your social media posts” and put them into a weekly email newsletter.

Weekly? YES.

I bet your fans would love to hear from you every week (which is why they followed you on socials, came to your show, and bought the record).

Try it for two months then look at the data. You are looking at the data, right?

It’s easy to say “that’s too much.”

It’s also pretty easy to copy and paste your social media content that hardly any of your fans see, drop it into Mailchimp or Substack, and hit send once a week and actually find out.

Seth is for hire, too: sethw@sethw.xyz - let’s sell some records


  1. Have you replied to more fans then you’ve posted? Reply to three fans on your socials this weekend. Bonus points if you make it a personal video.

  2. Valentines Day is now 31 days away - got anything planned?

  3. Have you given your fans a reason to visit your website? Updated it in the last month? Freshened up your bio? Or are you content to just keep shoveling your photos, art, images, music, and sound onto social media platforms that you don’t own or control, neglecting the fact that Google can send you more traffic than all those social media sites combined.

  4. Have you asked ONCE in 2023 for fans to sign up for your email list? Is your landing page in order? Did you just lead with "Sign Up For Updates" and wonder why only two people signed up? It’s because that “offer” is “for department stores and car dealerships,” and you’re a lot more exciting than that.


This came out in 2014, and I finally got around to purchasing it for real via Bandcamp. This Nirvana tribute turns nine years old in April, and includes These Arms Are Snakes, Thou, and an amazing rendition of ‘All Apologies’ by Black Math Horseman.

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